‘customer-oriented service’,
‘development of safe and convenient products’, and
‘research firm leading to the development of medical science’.

We will be the world-class company making a contribution to mankind with

Talent Management

We, focusing on fostering outstanding talent with their own abilities and potentials, actively operate human-resources-management policies and new programs for manpower development of employees to nurture the best professionals in each and maximize individual capacity.


We are doing our best to respond rapidly to the market conditions constantly changing and costumer needs, and continue carrying out research for developing high value-added products based on independently-developed technologies.

Customer Satisfaction

We are, based on customer-oriented management, trying to prepare aggressive service support system, maximize trust for customers, and raise satisfaction with the top quality products and the best quality of service.
will be the company providing technologies with positive minds and good service through
differentiated ideas and creativity, and putting the top priority on our customers to be the
‘world’s best medical-devices enterprise’ taking the lead in each business line with competitive
professionals, rational system and processor, and mid-and long-term growth strategies.