What is implant?

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Implant is the process of treatment of putting an artificial tooth on a part where a natural tooth is lost, which has similar functions to the natural one, through additional procedures including bone graft or distraction osteogenesis.

What is good about implant !

  • Natural smile,
    and the best
  • Masticatory force
    similar to natural
  • Recovery of
    tooth health, and
    improvement of
    the quality of life
  • Zero percent of
    possibility of
    decayed teeth
  • Economically
  • Preservation
    without damage
    on inter-teeth

Structure and roles of implant

Procedure of implant

  • Diagnosis
    If a tooth has been lost, implant treatment can be considered.
  • First implant placement
    On the part without a tooth, fixture, functioning as artificial tooth root, is planted in
    alveolar bone.
  • Second implant placement
    On the top of the fixture planted at the first implant placement, abutment is put on.
  • Prosthesis
    Crown is put on the top of the abutment to complete the upper side.