R & D


  • ‘Establishment of
    robust R&D

    Establishment of company’s own R&D research institute system

  • ‘Development and
    production of high
    value-added products’

    Development and production of leading products taking a step ahead of the flow of the market

  • ‘Establishment of
    -research institute
    collaboration system’

    Maintaining cooperative relations with university, research institute and customers for the new development, and maximizing the development capacity

HIGHNESS IMPLANT goes with innovation and development together.

We are going forward and pursuing continuous success by meeting potential needs of our customers thorough research and responding to them with originality and innovation.
We will expand our position as a leader in the market by securing specialities through various channels.

All the employees in HIGHNESS IMPLANT are striving to develop a new market based on capacity to innovate

and originalities by recognizing the importance of innovation, and encouraging each other to share new ideas regardless of departments and positions. As one of company strategies is innovation management, we are trying to develop much more advancing products with long-term objectives and satisfy demands of our customers.
Particularly, we figure out and analyze trends accurately based on close partnerships with our customers in business area, and lead it to the creative thoughts and the development of innovative products by using our specialized knowledge.

This kind of change the way we think,

expressed as ‘open innovation’ has made it possible to build cooperative relations with various outside organizations. Professional researchers in HIGHNESS IMPLANT emphasize commercializing new ideas, and try to secure innovative and fundamental technologies essential for developing new products and processing.